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Picture it.

St. George's, Grenada.

Wednesday, 2nd, 2008.

I was walking Ronique around my neighbourhood and I had a completely poetic movie moment. I was wearing a blue hoodie and a pair of blue shorts. My left hand holding my mp3 player inside my hoodie pocket. My right holding the dog leash.

At one point, on my journey uphill, I was caught between streetlights. Standing there I realized I was creating two shadows - one of someone walking a dog uphill, and one of someone walking downhill. AND 'The road I'm on' by Three Doors Down was playing.

Ok so it's half as cool as I thought it was last night. But it did feel like a really pensive movie moment.


Life is what you make it.

School has started back. How truly depressing. I feel as if the past two vacation weeks dissipated into thin air and ceased to have ever existed. I get a mild headache every morning. My doc told me some time back that aside from sinus headaches, horrible sinuses can also cause you to feel fatigue... or perhaps that's just blues because work has started back...

The kids seem happy. I'm determined to try and make the best of their receptiveness... plan some fun lessons and actually find a way to orchestrate them despite time limitations and such.

As Ru would say.... Le sigh...

Bleh. It's 7.36 am. I need to start getting ready for work. -.-

How joyful...

Shelli out - for now.

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