Could you make this last...? This plane is all I have so keep it steady now.. because every inch you see is bruised.

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Passing through unconscious states.
When i awoke i was on
The onset of a later stage... the headlights are beacons on the highway.
-"A movie script ending" DCFC


I am so tired. My feet hurts. My back hurts.

Today was another PTC (Parent Teacher Conference) for the Form 2s and Form 3s. We did it in a panel setting in the different classrooms.

My lord it was lonnnng..... but it was good. I got to meet all the parents of the students that I needed to see... those who I felt were not tapping into their full potential.

I was so pleased to find parents that cared about their kids, and are willing to work with teachers to make their children better individuals.

I'm too tired to expatiate on the subject.


On an other abstract random note...

my headaches always get elevated
to brand new peaks
when certain incessant sounds
keep hitting my airwaves.
In that moment of pain and endurance,
my fingertips crash harder against the surface
of the keyboard in desperate hope
that if the pain doesn't distract
then my words as they translate themselves
across my screen
shall soften the annoyances
that surround
and bring about some sort of peace...
some sort of inner peace that stop the voices.

Mosquito hums.


Ok... I figure my head aches sufficiently ache and my ankles are complaining enough from my heels for me to go take a warm shower and soothe them...

Shelli out.

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