I hope you take a piece of me with you someday...

By 3:06 PM

There comes a point in time where you have to learn to make a decision for yourself. You can't hide behind your fears, convenient appliances, or anything because it's like being a sitting duck in a recently mowed open field. It's idiotic to run, or walk away.

The only real option is to decide. How hard could it be to make a decision? Is it just me, or do these important decision making whoppers just happen along when you least expect it, or least desire it... catching you wholly unprepared and left with no choice but to make an immediate decision.

I shall flip a coin.



Ok the phone rang.

Forget the coin, I'm getting visitors.


Here I am... take me.
It's easier to give in...
Some people mistake me,
They only hear what they want to hear...
If you're losing sleep,
Forgive me.
I just can't keep pretending...

And it's only,
Empty handed.
With a childish grin...
-Michelle Branch "Empty Handed"

Shelli out,
*big grin*

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