Sometimes i wish the whole world would...

By 11:43 PM

The audacity of some people...

To tell you to your face insults cloaked in pretty clothing and expect you to smile and say, tell me more.

At least the chapter closes...

Then the audacity of other people to do double standards as it relates to - gasp - standards. I tried, i failed, i move on...

Obviously, its a hint being thrown.

And while the realization of HOW deche (dumb) i am is still sinking in... i still have enough top sense to know what a hint looks like.



I went to the town - BY myself.
I went to Ricks Cafe and sat at the usual group table - BY myself.
I bought a Deli Wrap for the first time which had this awful sauce in it - BY myself.
I sat and ate an Italian Ice while i waited on the Deli Wrap - BY myself.
Then i went to the beach - BY myself...

And i saw one of my darling students, Jean. It was lovely talking to her... I do enjoy speaking with my students. It's enlightening to hear the them speak... and the things they speak about, the endeavours, failures, successes, fads, love life.. etc... it's 'cute', for lack of a better word.

Somewhat reminiscent of what mine was like... brings back a pleasant wave of nostalgia.

Then i went home.

I bought cup noodles at Food Fair.

I drew a pic on the beach.

All in all...

i survived.
It was fine.
I had fun.

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