Cursed Missed Opportunities

By 3:51 PM

Something ought to be said about this.

I'm sitting on this chair in front of my side table. My laptop rests on top like it belongs there. Today is the first time i'm sitting like this, as it is the first time i've really cleared my chair of clothes and other miscellaneous items long enough to make it to actually sitting. One would think that everything looking so perfect it would feel that perfect.

My shoulder begs to differ. My wrist begs to differ. Sitting under this light, which is generating a great amount of heat, makes me want to beg to differ. The contrasting cold air coming through my window confusing my senses in my current state with my allergies, makes my nose beg to differ.

...But it looks perfect. It looks like it should feel better than it does. So i shall remain.

Life has been interesting, to say the least.

I've many ambitions going on as of current. Surprisingly all seem to be linked back to work(school) in one way or another. I reckon a few of my students might just be a tad upset. Some solemnly swear that they handed up their assignments. I would hate to think its of my negligence their work has mysteriously disappeared. I put everything in folders. I try to mark everything out within 1-2 weeks of getting the work. I don't understand.

Anyways... i've tried my best. I shall devise a new game plan for the new semester. My second plan has been more successful... but i want all my students to do well.. I want them all to participate.. I want them all to want to participate. I don't want to have to be following them round and round the school for their homework.

Must be more creative.

I've launched my Form 4 classes. I feel rather pleased with myself. My students seem more than capable to handle the impending stress involved with starting and finishing the art syllabus within the limited period of time. Hopefully they could pull it off. Hopefully i could pull it off.

I'm thinking of meshing my Form 3s along for the ride with the form 4s.. Might as well get them prepared one time.

I'm going to be launching my Drama Club.


When you hear those footsteps calling
Isn’t it obvious?
Isn’t it obvious?
It’s O.K. if you don't answer
I thought it was obvious
I thought it was obvious

The world don’t spin without you
I’m amazed you're standing still
Taking my kisses back from you
I want my kisses back from you
Your problems, they aren't problems
So thank god they never will
Taking my kisses back from you
I want my kisses back from you, you, you
-'No sensitivity' Jimmy Eat World


Oh if all things complex could be made simple...

Shelli out.

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