College Days... Carenage Nights - Pt. 1

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In my tweaking and hunt for some ideas
for a good template
and reaching the conclusion to just
do it over myself...
I stumbled across on Kisses (Sun Kisses fall on me,
for the love of irony.... my other blog)
some memories.. hilarious and otherwise...
And i decided to relive the good old days
and post it over here...


(6/12/06) You call it sharing, I call it left-overs

it's just past eight and im feelin' young and reckless,
the ribbon on my wrist says do not open before christmas...

-'Our lawyers made us change the name of this song so that we wouldn't get sued' F.O.B.

Wow. I feel so sleepy. The exam was disastrous, but i made an effort to my best advantage in each question. Half-way across the Carenage i felt like collapsing with tiredness - like the SIMS when they're tired. I kept putting one foot in front of the other... I was so thirsty... but i was almost home.

Nonetheless, the water looked so perrrty today. The tide was super low and the water crystal clear... And tempting.

I love the water. There's something therapeutic about water. Walking across slowly, at my own pace, watching the waves come up gently then go back out - cleared my mind. Up until i made it to Andall's. After making my purchases, Zel called and asked for me to wait for her. While waiting i decided to go check if they have my favourite pen-a-cool and they did ^^*. I bought 5 and at the cashier, this guy walks up and is like 'can you buy me a pen-a-cool?'. I just looked at him, i don't even recall exactly what i said and i left.

Now i'm standing outside waiting for Zel, the guy comes out. I have a ironic 'it can't happen..' moments, and plead with God 'Don't let him come talk to me... don't let him come talk to me...!' Naturally, he comes talk to me. All in keeping.. with the love of irony.

He tells me how he was a secret admire of mine for like a year but i was always busy *rolls eyes*. Stalker. That's guy number 2, if he was being honest. I tried my best to look distracted and uninterested trying feverishly to call Zel. All i got was the dropped call tone, proving my efforts futile. Then he persists in trying to have a conversation. My name is Michelle. I'm 16, thus a minor, majoring in CRIMINAL law who wouldn't hesitate to throw your (his) ... in a jail. Stupes. I call Russel. I had nothing really to say, but it gave me a reason to move away... God. *shudders* (March 29th 2007 update.. in retrospect... it was rather corny of me wasn't it)

Then as we (Zel and I) make it to the terminal, we're stopped by this guy. Here's the conversation...

Him: Hi, do you remember me?
Me: No
Him: You don't remember my face?
Me: No (i briefly pondered if i knew him)
Him: Well i'm Nicholas... you will remember me. What's your name?
Me: *disinterested* Michelle
Him: That's a pretty name
Me: Thank you
Him: You are my sunshine
Me: What?
Him: You are my sunshine
Me: What?
Him: You are my sunshine
Me: *looks at Zel.. possibly rolls my eyes imperceptibly for her alone to see* What?
Him: You are my sunshine *responds like an idiot*

Somewhere around there i managed my escape. Is only tiredness hold me there so long. If i knew him once upon a time (doubtful). I see why i forgot.

I taught Zel 'Ironic' by Alanis Morisette. She loves it. I mean who wouldn't? It's today's themesong.... or rather song in my head stuck.

....It's like rain, on my wedding day. It's like a free ride, when i've already paid. It's like a no smoking sign, on my cigarette break... A traffic jam when you're already late... It's like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife... It's meeting the man of my dreams, and then meeting his beautiful wife... It's the good advice that you just didn't take, who would've thought... it figures... Isn't it ironic.

Well actually, the walk from school had me humming a song which i thought was 'Ironic'... I figured by the Post Office it was "Over" by Jimmy Eat World... isn't that ironic? No it isn't. Its called de-hydration.


I'm going to nap.
We're only liars. But we're the best...

Shelli out.


Back in the good old days of Zel and I... and the Carenage...

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