Nobody... Does it better

By 10:44 PM

Nobody... does it better
They can come closer than close, yeah
Original they never will be
We bumpin' from coast to coast, yeah yeah
We just tryin' make you see
Nobody does it better...

-'Nobody does it better' Nate Dogg feat. Warren G


Im off to study in a few minutes.

*mutter grumble mutter* I mean.. of course i'm slacking on my studies. But that is SO not the point. *mutter grumble mutter* Telling me go offline.. stop chatting.. go study.. *mutter grumble mutter* I mean... do people even do that...? (Just kidding nicoli and cas.. i appreciate all the cuss.. i really do.. goin and do what i should've been doing for the longest while now..goin and study)

Umm..let's see... what updates do i have...

We have a field trip tomorrow.. fun fun fun.

Umm... i have a guinea pig named Fonzy?
Umm... I.. have run out of things to talk about...


*idly looks around*

*looks at wrist for the time*

*remembers i don't wear a watch*

*becomes even more bored*

ok.. period of rebellion over. Boredom has conquered - THIS time.

Imma go study now...

Shelli out.

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  1. Delicious poem. ^_^
    Regards. Younger Leo Blog