I could have another you in a minute... must not know 'bout me?

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our house in the middle of the street...
why did we ever meet?
started my rock 'n roll fantasy...
don't don't, don't let's start.
why did we ever part?
kick start my rock 'n rollin' heart
-'A praise chorus' Jimmy Eat World


You know when you're a kid, you look up to the adults in your life - or anyone that's in an adult position and they're are certain expectations that you feel the need to be fulfilled.. and feel so disappointed when you find out they're human?

That's one of the lessons that teaching has taught me. When i was a student, and a child everyone that fell into the category of "adult" were supposed to be able handle every situation and comfort and tell me all the right answers....

As a teacher, with adult responsibilities... kids come to you with questions that you don't always know the answers to... with requests for help in which you don't always know the resources and means by which to provide assistance... YET you try to bramble your way until you figure a small something out and it makes their world THAT much brighter again... And they go WOW...

And i... go home and sink onto my bed going "PHUEY! *sigh* that was a close one... they almost discovered i'm just human".


Today is Grensave World Food Day. Mum did some food for one of the stalls. I'm thinking of heading down there myself in a minute... Get me some cheesecake... some cookies... some broth.. mm... some lambie waters... some ox tail... err... *snaps self out of reverie*

Erm.. i have chores to finish before i head out. OOOH and post new art pics of my work..

er...i should go now..

shelli out

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