Am i the only one who sees something wrong..?

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A friend of mine relayed this story told by a Reverend... I think it's quite cynical..and coming from me, a cynic, that's a lot.

Here it goes...

There was this village that caught alligators for consumption. They sent a young boy to go check along the banks to see if there any alligators were caught in the nets. There was one caught in the net.

The alligator begged the little boy not to kill him because it felt it was too young to die and wanted to do much with his life yet. The little boy released it. The gator then accused the boy of being stupid and informed the boy that it shall eat him.... because doing good is often rewarded with bad.

The boy said he would be fine with that but makes a final request that this unfortunate situation shall be put forward to three other animals to find out their opinion..

The horse came alone.. It said, eat him eat him... many years i worked with humans...carrying their loads and such..when i grew old they let me go to fend for myself.. then a donkey came along that shared similar sentiments... because doing good is often rewarded with bad.

A hare came along next. It requested that the boy show it how exactly the the gator was wrapped in the net.. and to ensure it was nice and secure. Then inquired whether his village eats alligator meat, and to go let them know there is a gator caught. The hare stayed and kept watch.

When the boy came back, the hare was dead. Apparently, a dog caught onto the scent of the hare and killed it... because good deeds are often rewarded with bad.

So exactly what is the Reverend trying to say...? Is it to encourage one to do good? Or is it to deter one from even trying... because there are close to no benefits to reap because the reward is more than likely unpleasant and bad...?


i mean it is a harsh reality.... but still....

shelli out.

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