Bigger than my body gives me credit for...

By 8:27 PM

World Cup Cricket has begun... which means, vacation is just around the corner. I mean, i love my students... But i need a break.

Hallelujah!! *the angels start singing*


I'm off... i shall update later.. been busy with school...


The real question is not whether we should rely on being a mere mortal as an excuse every time something goes wrong and we mess up... but whether we should excuse ourselves for being mere mortals? A good excuse is as good as every other other excuse. It does nothing. Changes nothing. Just reveals a circumstance which once existed or still exists. The facts still remain. Its the consequent course of action taken to rectify the present situation that matters. Its the only place we can affect change. We have to move on from the situation gone awry at sometime right? Must get up when we fall... So why stop at being excused for being merely mortal?


Someday i'll fly..
Someday i'll soar..
Someday i'll be something much more...
I'm bigger than my body gives me credit for.
-John Mayer "Bigger than my body"


Shelli out.

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