Looking back, we stop and think.

By 11:48 PM

Liz got a job. *clasps hands gleefully*

She shall be doing something close enough (for now) to what she would have preferred to be doing - teaching a primary school (rather than a secondary school). I'm thrilled for her... because now - we like, have a job. And like, we can like, buy stuff.

Today Shamz, Liz and I went out to celebrate the moment. OMG she looked adorable ^^*. She got her hair done and everything.

We bought chicken. Sat on the benches in Camahogne park like a couple of college kids backpacking across some continent. Just there huddled on the bench chatting away. Liz brought a dress wrap that was converted to a makeshift blanket. Then Shamz and I wanted more chicken and there was a divine intervention against spending money wastefully on mere wants.

'Twas much fun.

Liz's a dear... 'twasn't for her i'd be broke and cold. I have such wonderful friends on a whole.


Again we spoke and deliberated on the facts at hand with a certain pertinent issue. Some circumstances are just too uncannily familiar and common to us. Who are we to debate mind games with mirrors?

What do i know anyways...?

Easily the tiredness from the beach talking. (i went to the beach with my parents prior to the get together)
Night peoples.

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