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(sometimes happy, sometimes sad)

WOW... Did anyone see this coming?

I mean... i found out a couple days ago, from (homepage) i believe... But i couldn't believe my eyes... REESE AND RYAN?!!!

*gets down on knees* God i was joking about them getting divorced those years ago!! Please get them back together...!!

*stammers* i still don't understand... i mean, i was in love with Ryan when i was 11... BUT i didn't REALLY want Reese and Ryan to get a divorce some odd years later. They make the most adorable couple... I held them up highly in the book of 'Actual Hollywood Role Models' and 'Successful marriages (in Hollywood and the real world)'... And now they're getting divorced?


Britney gets a divorce. *sigh*

Am i shocked?

I believe the question is... do i care?

In my little world, Britney has fallen from grace a long time ago... and has a long walk ahead to be redeemed. This, however, does not mean i do not like her music (for i secretly own all her albums). It simply means i am not a fan of her character.

I really do wish her all the luck with whatever redemption plans she has... do protect the children :P. I pray that another repeat of what happened to her first son doesn't happen to her other son. (ie, being changed by the cashier on a departmental store floor; driving with the baby in her lap; nearly dropping the child) Just google it...


Anyways... moving along.

Teaching is finally becoming fun. I adore my students... They bring me such delight. ^^* (no seriously).

However.. i'm sick.

Dawn just said "do what your body tells you".
My body is more confusing than the conscious parts of my brain. I'm sick enough to feel weak and get dizzy spells and have an aching throat from all my coughing... Yet not sick enough to NOT be able to walk to go to classes... Sick enough to get very weary from projecting my voice. Yet not sick enough to will myself to project my voice and deal with the consequences after...

I don't know.


I'm going to go nap.

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