There are easier things in life than finding a good man...nailing jell-o to a tree, for instance

By 1:34 AM

A heart is not a play thing,
a heart is not a toy,
but if you want it broken,
just give it to a boy.

Boys like to play around with things,
to see what makes them run.
But when it comes to kissing,
they do it just for fun.

Boys never give their hearts away,
They play us girls for fools.
They wait until we give our heart,
and then they play it cool.

You will wonder where he is at night
You will wonder if he's true.
One moment you'll be happy.
One moment you'll be blue.

If you get a chance to see him,
your heart begins to dance.
Your world revolves around him.
Theres nothing like romance.

And then it starts to happen.
You worry day and night.
You see, my friend, your losing him.
It never turns out right.

Boys are great though immature.
The price you pay is high.
He may seem sweet and gorgeous,
but remember, hes a guy.

Love is fair, but hurts so much
the price is very high,
If given a chance of life or death,
I think I'd rather die.

Don't fall in love with just a boy,
that takes alot of nerve.
You see my friend, you need a man,
to get what you deserve.

So when you think that you're in love,
be careful if you can.
Before you give your heart away,
make sure that he's a man.

i forgot to post this as well... Ladies, please heed the simple words of wisdom expressed in the poem above. A friend of mine told me about it... so i Googled it myself to find the whole poem. And there it is...

Every girl should see it once to serve as a reminder when they feel like wavering... and every boy should see it when he is past a certain age and granted adult responsibilites, and childish behaviour is deemed unacceptable.


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