Small mercies.

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I am extremely tired... I just finished my first week at work - as a teacher. ^^*.

It was a bit odd, or rather still is, being called "Ms." by my students. Not so long ago (try a couple months) was i trailing behind my teachers singing "Ms." and "Sir" with every (un)necessary question or statement i felt like making. It's fun. I believe i'm going to enjoy it. The only catch is the lesson planning. I can see myself having a drama session with this marking. Oh its going to be hilarious. Wish me luck.


Back in high school, when i was a senior, i stumbled across the most delightful novel by Sophie Kinsella called 'Can You Keep A Secret?'. It was one which was written in first person stream of consciousness. The main character, through whom we (the readers) live vicariously through, is Emma. She represents the large section of the females society who live ordinary lives, doing ordinary things, with ordinary friends... but are special in their ordinary way. It's easy to empathize with the character because while Emma is the typically average, Kinsella created a personality with whom any girl can relate - extraordinary, weird, invisible, etc. Emma goes through so many experiences in the 362 pages.

As mentioned above, you live vicariously through Emma. Every emotion that Emma feels, you feel. Kinsella writes the novel so well that from the very first word, you have already been invited into Emma. Through out the entire novel, you ARE Emma. Every hurt/betrayal, every happy moment, every internal conflicting thought, becomes yours.

If anyone has the dumb notion of tagging this book as a typical romance, they are deeply mistaken. Romance in actuality, while is a integral part of the novel, it doesn't consume it either. CYKAS, in my opinion, can be summarized as the growth of a young woman into the woman she ought to be, and the journey that brought her there. At the end of the novel, an emotional bond is formed with Emma... and most likely, reading about her journey to self-discovery would leave you in tears... of sorrow, of happiness, of confusion.

Also, you shall be left with the thoughts such as "This would make an awesome movie!" or "Wouldn't it be lovely if this was produced in film?".

Many years later...

While trying to locate a quote online to post in my blog (because i feel particularly lazy to go and look for the book and type it out) i stumble across a link to CYKAS the movie on IMDB on Google. Out of mere curiosity, i click the link. Lo and Behold.... someone has actually thought about making the novel a film....!! The producer is Kate Hudson. She's also playing the role of Emma. *sigh*

I adore Kate... but she's no Emma. Emma is chubby, quirky, and unforgetably English. Kate is slim, sweet and quite American. Oh well... grateful for mercies right?

Atleast they discovered what a wonderful idea it would be to turn the novel into a film.

All is well in my world.

Shelli out.

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