Stupid boy at the bus terminal.

By 11:30 AM

In retrospect we think of all the means things we should've said,
But didn't due to seeking an immediate get away.


I was well minding my business. Yes that i was. All i wanted was to find my way home asap. Poor me, i looked up and made eye contact with this ok looking guy - mind you, i wasn't interested. Next thing i know, he's winking at me and then he's not on the bus anymore. He moves to lean against the wall. THAT's when i realize that this boy despite having an ok face, is a train wreck when it comes to clothes. The number of fashion faux pas committed in those couple minutes. *shudders at memory* His outfit made straight guys look queer.. and queer guys wouldn't even dare to go that route. *gag*

He comes close to my window talking to someone. I look bluntly away from him. He comes straight to the window. I should've just closed the window. But i didn't. I got involved in silly meaningless conversation. At the end of it all, he gave me his number.

See boy well lickin' his lips inquiring about how close i live to the terminal and whom do i live with. See me so unattached to the conversation to post-witness his oh-so-feeble attempts at indicating his attentions.

Needless to say... i never called. Furthermore, i deleted the number seconds after the bus left the terminal.


Meandered annoyance brought
Grave disinterest

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