Fighting Providence...

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As we stood quietly facing the sunset, our feet sunk into the sand as we stood at the edge of the sea in our part of the world. The Foursome. One of us under a tree simply morose, to say the least. Another one deeply fascinated by sea birds overhead and the capturing the double rainbows... And the two of us, we stood pensively. When the silence was finally broken, it was to merely comment on the eerie feel in the air... the feeling of finality that when sun sets, as does this period in our lives. It was like something out of a movie.

Coincidentally, it was the last day of our lives as children. Every step henceforth took us closer to the ending of this chapter. Ironically, we glanced up only to be awed by nature's splendor at a path being formed in the sky. Scientifically and logically, it was simply the sun having shadow games with the clouds. But as littérateurs, we begged to differ. This moment validated and mimicked our feelings that we were well on our way to a higher level of thinking, of living... of being. The path paralleled that of the new paths that each of us shall be taking as we become who we are.

Today, Liz and I reflected on that moment standing there looking at the sunset, and how indeed so much has changed. That was the last day of freedom and absence of "very adult" responsibilities. Now we're all trying to find a job... Trying to figure out where the hell is that destination we're trying to find and how do we get there... We're figuring out that it was tougher than we expected... Some of us have found our happy endings (and beginnings)... But more importantly, that in so many ways ... we've all grown. And in so many ways, we've remained the same.

That day, it was us, as we always were.

'Every new beginning springs from some other beginning's end'.

Today, some of us are still fighting that chapter's end. Desperately, painfully clutching to every last letter in that closing paragraph. Inherently reluctant to admit that the chapter's end is imminent. Adamant that admitting such removes everything clean from once existing. A closing doesn't discard all that was scribbled on the pages. It doesn't change all that happened. It doesn't tarnish the good times, nor does it cast a lovely glow on the bad times. But it does mean that at this point, we move on.

We be happy.

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