It kinda feels like I'm living on borrowed time...

By 2:59 PM ,

...brace yourself for the fallout.


Ok so I had a really great post in mind whole weekend that I never got around to... and I waited till the shadows of clouds started creeping up to ruin the moment. So now I'm too mellow to translate into words any sort of euphoria.

I was swimming up to my neck in assignments the past two weeks. I had two 15 page papers, two 8-10 page papers, and a series of mini-assignments to cover. Fun? Actually yes. Not so fun thinking that I was going to miss the deadline... But fun in that adrenaline rush 'am I going to make it?!' up til 3 in the morning way. Now that it's over with, finals alone remain this week and then it's the official beginning of summer vacay.

Today was a holiday weekend. What did I do? I stayed home for the most part, trying to fool myself into studying which is way better than the tricking myself out of the guilt I'd experience had I gone out.

And... there dies this post. So I shall conclude with a series of convo quotes....


Bella:Actually, you know what, I'm through giving a f***
Jay: -Jay laughs at the double entendre-


Shelli out.

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