*repeat to self* *whispers* "...Will not be stressed...will not be stressed....will not be stressed"

By 8:44 PM ,

Today is the day when you whip out all of those little b.s. inspirational notes that people feed to you when you don't really need it and you think to yourself "WOW.... that is soooooo true!"

Such as "People cannot make you feel bad without your permission" and "Being angry is a choice that which you can control" and "This day too shall pass" and the list goes on and on.

Here's the reality. Being angry is a choice.................However it's also a consequential natural hormonal reaction to hearing/seeing/experiencing a certain level of dotishness/stupidity. This day too shall pass, however it is still here right now and I'm still experiencing it. And people can't make me feel bad, but frankly, I think I reserve the right to feel annoyed.

How about a nice can of shut the...............up?!

To steal a phrase from my good friend Sher....

F*ck you, it's been a long day!

ANGRY Shelli

P.S. only have one more exam and so far
they haven't been half bad at all... so  there's
a plus.

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