Do not take me seriously... I've been known to joke around sometimes you know?

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I had the most depressing day. Ok, so that's a gross exaggeration. However for the moments where I wallowed in deep wells of self-pity I was on the brink of tears. In retrospect, that was probably as consequence of lack of sleep, stress and bad eating habits... but yea.

So what happened? I discovered right now my standing in my Lit class is awful. So I'm not failing or anything like that.... But it's not the point. I'm not at an A and I can't even say it's blipping on the horizon because I can't even see it anymore. *sigh* And I was lamenting over failing myself, Mr. Adams, and all those who believed in me.

Wallow wallow wallow...

Now that I'm over that moment. All is not lost... The first part of the course which is at the most 30% of the grade, was not based on my forte...also not all the marks are in as of current. BUT... the remaining 70% is. I still feel confidently about writing essays. So I haven't written a Literature paper in a while... but nuntheless, that's not something I should nor am worried about. There's still hope.


So much nonsense is on my conscience... I think I should let it out.
-"Nothin' on you" B.o.B.

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