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Hold you down...

3 As in the bag so far... and one B+ *sigh*... Waiting on 2 more grades.

Onto more awesome news... Today was the last day of school for me. Whoop whoop.

Not much else to update on... I'm a more mellow form of annoyed now... not with reason... *sigh*

Shelli out.

Oh... P.S. It seems like everything I loved about NY has changed or is changing little by little. From the little Hidden City Cafe where I loved to go study or hide out because of the adorable sub-city level (literally basement level cafe) lounge feel. It's moved fully to the boring street level smaller branch on 23rd I believe. Then, Wild Berries by Madison ave. (I think it was by Madison) has closed down... There goes two of my main spots right there. I've got my fingers crossed that Tossed on the corner of 23rd & Lex  (I think that's the address)isn't going to shut down on me too... Tossed is this adorable little cubby restaurant that specializes in salads I believe........but also makes these insanely huge and incredibly heavenly cupcakes....!

♪...But I'm so lonely I don't even wanna be
with myself anymore...♪
-"Honestly, OK" Dido

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