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This is going to be a short post. Mostly because I'm insanely tired.

I ended up going to bed minutes to three this morning... and it offset my resent normalization of sleep patterns so I'm right back where I started.

...that is, lying in bed, tired no ras, and sleep lingers just beyond the horizon point and laughing at me... Mocking me.

As for defeatist actions... All the mesh on all the windows, has not stopped the mosquitoes from simply entering through the front door. After spraying out my room for mosquitoes because they're partially keeping me awake (and ruining my skin), my dad thoughtfully opened my door to welcome the mosquitoes in the rest of the house to take up new residency in my room - I mean.... He opened my door to air out the insecticide as opposed to open my lovely effective mesh covered windows. *sigh*

The second I hear one buzz, I'm going to open back my bedroom door and admit defeat that I can't get rid of those pesky mosquitoes.... and take my bites like a woman.

I also have an exam to study for tomorrow. But I'm sooo tired. It's not even funny. I'm just going to go straight to bed and revise during the day. I'm ok enough to pull it off... hmm...


As for the good news (and favourite things)? I had a truly blissful weekend. I'm still smiling from it. I have the most awesome friends and an adorably sweet bf.

More good news? Check this show out... It's called Greek. It's essentially based on a storyline involving fraternities and sororities. However, it's much more than that. There's a geeky guy trying to pledge a fraternity, and his super cool sister who's his complete opposite that's president in one of the most prestigious sorority chapters. The story is told as to how both of them deal with it, their parents disapproval of the Greek system, as well as coping with overall university life. All in all, I think it's pretty interesting.... Ooh, there's also a nice bit of engaging romance along with petty drama to keep things fun. Check out the direct link to live streams of all seasons (just because I care) by clicking anywhere on this sentence.. or any underlined part of this paragraph.

Shelli out. Enjoy.
Off to fight battles in sleep. Deuce.

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