Much ado about nothing

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My dad walked into the kitchen and spied a cockroach. Between him and the cockroach, it's uncertain as to who was more shocked. Upon seeing him the cockroach scampered across the cupboard, miscalculated the edge, so it practically "ran off a cliff." It crashed onto the floor... my dad's first thoughts "ouch.... *cringe* that must've hurt... I've seen too many parachuting movies to know what a good landing looks like."


Nothing really to update on. Midterms this week... and I'm lazy to write a proper post... I'll do a meme and then...Back to writing my essay.

New fave quote "I'm sure Osama Bin Laden cried when his cat died... but that doesn't mean you should get into a cave with him..." by Rebecca on my new fave show, Greek.


) my uncle once: surprised me with a supersoaker xp 250 watergun in NY. I still have it.
2) never in my life: have I said no to experimenting with new foods. Especially Italian...and desserts...
3) when I was five: I started developing an interest in reading books...despite getting lazy now, I still read.
4) high school was: not something I could describe in one sentence...but perhaps a conflicting disaster could sum it up.
5) i will never forget: many things... but especially fun memories like being stalked with my cousins in Canada, or waiting hours with Quaina to see Usher perform and then doing the "crank dat soulja boy" dance in the midst of traffic post concert... the way outside my window looked in Yonkers...
6) i once met: umm... Luciano and read my poetry for an autograph in my sketchbook and his number. lol
7) there’s this girl I know who: means well but ends up in the most compromising scrapes...
8) once, at a bar: In Yonkers, I learned to officially play pool. I got hit on the entire night regardless of my "i'm taken" was most amusing... my bf doesn't know that. And he doesn't read my blog so he probably never will...... but it was fun. I actually made some progress. All that progress is gone to the dogs right now though.. stupes
9) by noon i’m usually: taking a nap. *blush*
10) last night: I couldn't sleep.
11) if i only had: a job... things would be so much simpler.
12) next time I go to church: I'll almost certainly end up in one of those circular arguments with the pastor again. *sigh*
13) terry schiavo: who?
14) what worries me most: is the possibility of never achieving any of my dreams...
15) when i turn my head left, i see: a clothing rack.
16) when i turn my head right, i see: my pillows on my bed.
17) you know i’m lying when: I go "uhh.. yea, sure" *grin*
18) what i miss most about the eighties: good family sitcoms... and music :(
19) if I was a character written by shakespeare, i’d be: that fair maiden, naive and innocent beyond words yet endearing.
21) a better name for me would be: Rebecca?
22) i have a hard time understanding: why some people fail to see the logic in simple things.
23) if i ever go back to school i’ll: ... I'm in school and it has lost it's charm.
24) you know i like you if: I actually encourage a lengthy conversation...if I don't, one-word answers and simple phrases till you leave me be.
25) if i won an award, the first person i’d thank would be: my parents
27) take my advice, never: run down 13 flights of stairs and out an automatic lock door.....and forget the key to get back in the building in the a foreign country
28) My ideal breakfast is: lots and lots of bacon, 2 eggs with cheese, 2 waffles/pancakes with lots of syrup, a glass of orange juice, a small bowl of cereal (preferably Captain Crunch Berries), a tall glass of milk and a bowl of fruit. YUM.
29) A song I love, but do not have is: "drops of jupiter" by train
30) If you visit my hometown, I suggest: you...umm... enjoy the view of paradise?
31) Tulips, character flaws, microchips & track stars: Um...I like tulips, no real comment on character flaws, and I never think about microchips or track stars.
32) Why won’t anyone: send me $15,000? I'm not asking for much.
33) If you spend the night at my house, don’t: ask me to get up and bring you water, or any know what a kitchen looks like. Go fetch.
34) I’d stop my wedding for: nothing.
35) The world could do without: all this technology, it'll be our downfall... and racism.
36) I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: is it a chocolate covered cockroach? Is this a particularly clean pet cockroach? What species per se?
37) My favorite blonde is: strawberry..?
38) Paper clips are more useful than: cockroaches who want licking.
40) And by the way: I should've bought that cereal and milk earlier... I've got the munchies.
41) The last time I was drunk, I: thought I was going to throw up --- pat myself on the shoulder when I didn't --- and then I did. Stupes.

Shelli out.
Muah muah!

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