What else is there to say?

By 10:06 PM ,

From the moment we last spoke:
As the words graced your lips,
As the words reverberated in my eardrums,
As the ideas passed over synapses,
As the words formed in my brain,
As the sun began to set,
As the wind began to swarm us,
As the air grew chilly,
As the mood became unbearable,
As the night left us in descending silhouettes...

We walked away thinking,
This could be the last time.

This could be the last time
The last time for all the last times...
This could be the nail in the casket
The last straw on the camel's back
The long list of clichés, signifying the end.
The final end.

From the time my feet
Hit the gravel on the streetlight lit path
The crunch below my heels...
The light drizzle on my face
As the night's shower begins.
I take the curve,
I take the bend in the road,
I take the higher end,
Sticking in mud briefly.
Far more we can take?

The weariness sinks into my bones,
The heaviness weighing down each decisive step...
In the direction opposite and away.

I'm between streetlights now,
My shadows are casted in two directions,
The drizzle is getting heavier,
The welcomed cold drops...

In another world,
In another time,
In another universe,
In this one...

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  1. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Today?It makes so much sense.I feel like i was there.Everything will be ok.