And there's things I'd like to see.. that you don't believe in.

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Party like a rock star,
Kick a little ass...
"So cal loco" Sprung Munkey


My birthday was quiet. As you'd expect a birthday that falls on a Thursday. I went with mommy to that new Bagel place on Maurice Bishop Highway. Then on Friday, Adri, Ru and myself went to Rituals and we got this hella HUGE slice of literally towering chocolate mousse cake. Then Greg, Che and umm... another friend of Ru's stopped by and chilled with us for a bit. OHH and the same Friday we passed by Karma to collect some invites and the After-work Friday party that they host now was in session.. I believe Adri is ready for the experience.

The Saturday we went to Karma. We got one of those VIP rooms downstairs. It was awesome. I had a lot of fun.


Right now I'm in Trinidad with my parents for a pre-lude to a convention in Brazil.


I shall update and post pics later.

Shelli out.

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