The little things get in the way...

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Summer is 4 days away...!


It never ceases to amaze me how a little "by the way", accidental "stumbled-upon" could change a mood so drastically. The feeling of exuberance crushed like a slapped mosquito in my sleep and dusted off...

Fed up. Fed up. Fed up.


Regardless of what they say...
How could it feel... this wrong?
From this moment...
-Portishead "Roads"


And I want to take the hand of the little girl I used to know...

That wasn't always happy but content
And if not content, an expert pretender.

That wasn't the strongest person,
But strong enough to get herself out of scrapes
And over and above obstacles placed in her path.

That was sweet and innocent, with the right touch of naivety,
And clung to the good old fashioned morals that she was taught.

That bounced back easily
And roll through with invisible hater blockers.

... and say I'm sorry to her

That she grew up
And realized the darkness of the world
In the unfortunate way
It shattered her rose-coloured glasses
And she curled in the fetal position
Of the dark pit that became her home
And cried, like she never did.

And prayed for a crack in wall.
A hopeful ray of light...
In a hopelessly hopeful situation.

Hold her hand and rescue her
From this place
Before it stains her spirit...
If only I could reach her.
...If only...


Shelli out for now.

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