"You miss 100% of the shots you never take."

By 12:23 PM

As I approach my 25th birthday, I find myself realizing once more that while I'm making progress towards my bigger picture, I'm not quite at the check points I identified for myself when I was younger. What happened? Life happened.

I remember when I was a teenager feeling certain about everything while not wanting to admit that I felt like I knew it all and was mature. As I've become older, my perceptions of the world around me has changed, as have my goals and desires. The things I wanted at 20 are no no longer what I want at 24. This regard flows over into everything from what I look for in a relationship to what I want to do career wise... well almost anything, I still love to go on swings in a playground.

I've changed majors 5 times in essence. I completed my Associates in Arts & Humanities with the intention of becoming a lawyer and artist... but then I became a teacher and wanted to open a learning center and when I went back to school became a Business major. While knocking out electives for my Bach in NY, I encountered an amazing Biology professor and I switched degrees into a double with Biology & Psych. Then I transferred to SGU where (at the time) doing a double in both wasn't possible and a straight Biology degree was unavailable - only Life Sciences... So I switched into Liberal Arts with the desire of double majoring in Politics & English Language. Then I had an amazing Grenada Wildlife course and BAM! I was back doing Biology - this time Wildlife & Conservation Biology. I briefly switched into a double with Marine & Wildlife but ended up switching out so as to not extend my personal graduation deadline.

At the end, I have a whole collection of experiences and knowledge. I got up to 400 level courses in all subject areas believe it or not, just short of 3-4 courses to complete the cores for any particular field. At 171 credits going strong I believe hahahaha...

 I still want to go into education, law and art. All of my experiences helped define what I wanted to do. Currently, the realm of wildlife biology encompasses all three and I'm well on my way to becoming an established artist (hopefully). My blog has been a testimony of those journey struggles of indecision to an extent as well.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm in no way advocating switching degrees multiple times nor am I saying that you will end up switching, if you do decide to pursue it's ok. And that you're going to find yourself making a lot of changes in your late teens-early 20s and that's fine. Your perceptions would change as you mature into adulthood.

...And remember, be willing to take risks.

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