Forgiveness - File it under a different cabinet

By 8:23 PM

Late this afternoon a friend of mine has been messaging me talking about an old casual youtube interview clip I did that was "ocean floor deep" when I was looking all cute, sad and angry. For the life of me, I could not figure out what he could possibly be talking about...

The only videos that I could remember are those I've posted myself - none of which have anything to do with any real sort of deep thinking, me going on screen all depressed or talking about forgiveness... and I don't ever recall being filmed like that either.

So... I did what anybody would've done - I youtubed what he said. 

What do ya know? I clean forgot I had a personal paparazzi for the last couple years to play guinea pig on her camera. *cough* Sher *cough* But since she's been busy with classes, same as I, the random camera clicks have since ceased...

Here's the clip

And here's her new blog if you haven't been there yet... "She must be new"

How 'bout them apples huh? That's it for today's randomness.

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