Discovery of Little Lambie

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I made the decision recently to reunite with one of my loves - the beach. Seeing that I'm coincidentally trying to partake in more marine oriented projects, my new effort to go swimming/kayaking as often as possible would surely strengthen me and develop some skills. Unfortunately, I don't have an underwater camera case so I can't offer any personal underwater shots... but as we go along and swim over the reefs and sea grass beds Andre, my trusted, expert swimming buddy, would enlighten me as to what the different species are so that I could then Google then for you... haha

There was this interesting black cloud in the water that turned out to just be a school of fish moving through. Yes... yes... I know. But never see-come see, first time I've ever witnessed such in my life. As fate would have it, we swam through it coming back from the reef and the barely 2 inch long little fish look nothing close to intimidating when swimming through them.

Andre's son, Andre jr. chasing the school

Me and mum mother's day prepping for the water... I had the brilliant idea to go kayaking UP the beach AGAINST the wind playing strong man. My arm muscles ached for about 2 days after. And the funny thing was my mom and I were in one kayak and my boyfriend in another. See him well oaring away lying down and all kinda style cutting the waves and passing me with ease while I'm there trying to keep a straight face with a struggle to keep up. It was like those cartoons where one character is struggling and the other character is dancing gracefully in circles around the one struggling. Old Guyanese proverb goes 'easy lesson good for dunce,' lesson certainly learned. On the plus side, my mum enjoyed it so I was very pleased.

Look how bright and pretty the beach looked today!!

 Me preparing to head in...

Andre organizing the gear to go.

In this moment I'm 99.9% sure Andre was telling me we were going to try a 20 ft dive today and I was being panicky going"Wait... WHAT?! Uh.. NO!" Turns out he was joking - THANK GOD! 

Later on I talk about my first dive grabbing a sea egg... that's the spot thereabouts I believe we were as that ship way out is the landmark... And we were right in front of it.

To date I've seen in Grand Anse... (photos selected at closest resemblance to what I actually remembered seeing)

Flying Gurnards 
(I thought this looked like a little dragon (Toothless from 'How to train your dragon' to be specific) from the surface. The visibility wasn't that clear the day we went and I was still in my coward-non diving/I'll watch you *thumbs up* state of mind.

Blue Tang

Rock Hind

French Grunt

Trumpet Fish

This one below actually was my first practice for free diving. Andre showed me how and then dived with me to the 9 ft depth to pick up a sea egg. I did it twice.. Woot! So pleased with myself...!

West Indian Sea Egg

Long Spined Sea Urchin

Caribbean Reef Squid (saw about a dozen of these)

Elk Horn Coral


And lastly, meet Little Lambie, the conch. And yes, before you ask, nail polish and the sea don't seem to be too friendly. Sea water apparently is a natural nail polish remover remedy with no damage to the nail. *wink*

Little Lambie hiding

Little Lambie getting curious...

Little Lambie getting brave.

Little Lambie getting TOO brave for me so I...
...gave Little Lambie to Andre so I could snap a nice photo

Andre Jr. returning Little Lambie to her home.
Now I'm genuinely poofed...

Returning to bed!

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  1. Great read..... hope I do that soon..... before i leave GND.

    1. Andre7:22 PM

      Hey you, great pics.. Thanks for googling those fish names for me lol:-D and how could you forget to mention your 10\11 foot record dive with the handful of sand grab.... Well done girl!!! :-)

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