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"Can't spend your whole life tryna get high...
Get up, get out, and do something
Don't let the days of your life pass you by..."
-Macy Gray "Do Something"


Leading up to 2012, everyone was deeply concerned with Doomsday and the world ending. However, what psychics and spiritual folks were saying it's more of a personal dramatic change than a literal ending of the world.

My opinion on the world ending?

So yeah... we've passed the multitude of Doomsday dates, still here in 2013. I'm inclined to think it is a personal enlightening period. For my own self and those around me, I'm seeing people being placed in situations that's forcing them to do something about it and/or bring about change/growth. While some people choose to remain in denial, I believe these have been the most obvious of life's nudges to do something about something... And that's cool too,  it's hard livin' that looks easy but some people are comfy with their lives like that. Don't judge. For those embracing the changes to betterment, kudos.

However, if you ever chose to believe in signs and ever needed one, if you're waiting for a sign, this is it. Open your eyes, they are all around you too.

I find since this year commenced, everyday has brought me closer to knowing what I want for myself and identifying what I don't want. As fate would have it, last night my mother fenced me into a conversation about her church service but it was most ironic. Another "sign" so to speak. Her Palm Sunday service spoke about this coming week being about Holy week and Jesus' sacrifice... and the importance it is for us to have a life mission statement and to know what we want and expect out of our lives. It isn't enough to just sail through without a purpose, each day fading into the other.

Seems to be the theme for the year thus far.

What is your life's purpose? Your mission statement? And what steps have you outlined that need to be done to achieve it... and when do you plan to start taking those steps forward. 

I remember Les Brown's story in one of his speeches about the importance of dreams. I'm uncertain if I've written about it before but... 

He says people worry and wonder about who will come to their funeral, who truly cared, etc. But what if we thought of all our dreams coming to our funeral, surrounding our caskets, lamenting about how they came to you... because they saw your potential to make it happen and you were the only one they had faith in. But now... they're going to die with you... disappointed, unfulfilled, let down.

Is your life going to be a testimony of personal success while your alive? Or is your death going to be a meaningful contribution to the cemeteries wealth of rich ideas unfulfilled?


Chew on that 'til I post next...

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