So long as you groove me, baby

By 10:35 AM

These two are also additions to my 2013 pieces thus far. As per usual, I used Candice's eyes as a template but I wasn't completely sure what I wanted to do with the piece. I had panel canvas board but I really wanted to paint and play with colour. I also wanted to experiment with my paint sticks alongside acrylic paints. Progression as follows...

Then I had the blessed opportunity to see a new dear friend Quincy perform. Richie was looking for band members and I remembered Quincy telling me that he's a bass guitarist in a local band and going on and on about his guitar the way I would about a new set of paints or pencil crayons. Funnily enough I had met Quincy through Richie but I linked them with the music stuff and was granted the chance to see them have a musical fun session together. The energy was amazing and it's hard to not want to be creative in the midst of all that creativity... so I took a few snaps and came up with this.

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  1. Richard12:39 PM

    I like this!! You always do great work