...Last Friday night.. Yeah, we danced on tabletops ...And we took too many shots ...Think we kissed but I forgot

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"Yeah I think we broke the law...
...Always say we're gonna stop

....This Friday night
....Do it all again"
-"Last Friday Night" Katy Perry


I've come to the dawning realization that most of my most memorable excursions somehow involve food. What do you think that means?

So Sher and I discovered Umbrellas recently and it became one of our favourite spots. I personally like ambiance and how the place is set up. Food is pretty good, pricey depending on how you look at it --- but worth it. The first time I ever went service was awful, in that everything took forever to reach. However, things have since improved greatly.

She always gets the Club Sandwich...

I always get the Daddy O' Dog..

"Cars serve a function, motorbikes fuel a passion." - British_Biker

These days my nights consist once more of wild unplanned adventures involving bikes and fun escapades. I used to be rather hesitant about bikes, never really saw the appeal before... And then I went to a riverfest in the country and I realized bikes and their riders are sexy! Next thing you know, I wanted to learn to ride. As the laws of attraction deems, what you focus your mind on, is what you attract.

After lamenting about not having my license or access to a vehicle to practice on. (Especially since the bf doesn't seem to have even the remotest trust of me behind the wheel of his precious baby) One day I bounced into a close friend I haven't seen in a while - we resumed communication and now?

Last night I had the opportunity to drive both a manual car and a bike. The manual car first to get the basics. Then the bike as bikes tend to be manual. I actually rode all by myself. It was epic. Can't wait to do it again...! Now if only the stupid Tropical Storm Ernesto didn't pass, I could've been well enjoying myself tonight... but no --- it's raining cats and dogs.

So my fun escapades has brought me to hidden beaches and abandoned houses. No it's not what you think. Currently, I have a friend visiting from away and in the midst of conversation cool spots would come up. Since we only get to meet up on evenings for the most part due to schedules, late night spontaneity is as good as it's going to get to see some of these places.

This was a spot we found overlooking the airport. It was gorgeous... but I didn't have my good camera with me. Therefore, I had to rely on my android and Picasa's lovely editing abilities.

Then there was a mini-pool party by Jermaine's house. We cruised around with the top down... Got some of Jermaine's yummy cooking, took a dip in the pool

Drank some wine

Then Sher and I bounced into some old college friends...

Richie & I

Richie, Genis & Sher

Sher and I (btw, you may know her as The Wordy Phoenix poet)

And then I passed out on my floor...

C'est tout.

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