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If you got a problem...well you're looking like a target..."


So... I've spent my morning feeling rather inspired. I sauntered over to Sher's blog (yumekari.blogspot.com) and she's been doing lots of creative things recently. 

She started an ICAD project, whereby she does a drawing daily on an index card. Also, she did a project whereby she used colouring, tissue and pipe cleaner. Sounds intriguing? It is! So go peek!


What's been picking my fancy? So I've been running around taking lots of photo references. My folly? I've been taking artistic photo shots... however, it's hard to translate these shots into a painting. At least in my mind...

The other thing that's been intriguing to me? Well we all know I've had a fascination with black paper, hence my night series. But now, after visiting Aunty Dollie's house and attaining a collection of peacock feathers... I'm curious about feathers. Also, after scouring youtube, I found this interesting melted crayon technique.

Progress mark on the project so far...

I had some loose canvas sheets around. I had done a previous sketch that I changed my mind on, so I decided to freestyle an abstract piece and split the sheet. I have yet to mount the pieces... and you know how it goes. I'm still deliberating on if it's really done now.

I particularly love the down feather on the right as it feels soft and furry to the touch.

And then... my crayon experiment. I went to a yard sale early May and I have this bad habit of not being able to see art supplies and not want it. In recent years, I have reconciled my relationship with pencil crayons and discovered its actually a very good medium. So I figured, why not reconcile my relationship with crayons. I haven't dabbled with them experimentally since I was a kid.

This was a frustrating experiment. Firstly, I have nothing hot enough other than an iron to melt crayon without setting the paper afire. In the end, I shaved the crayon and melted the shaved bits. I did the drawing first. Everything was done mostly in paints - the outlines, heliconia, hummingbird, lady in yoga position and the yellow back ground. The rest of the background was done in crayons. I bled paint and glitter polish on the top edges and then added the peacock feather as a final touch. It still feels kinda rough to me... I might come back to this piece in the future...


C'est tout...

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