Grenada full ah vibes!

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This weekend was a rather rainy weekend. I guess that tropical wave that wasn't supposed to affect us... did. However, while the rain may have dampened the party events, it didn't stop me from going out.

By now, y'all should know I like to go exploring and while I haven't done a blog post on my explorations in a long time, I have been posting pics on my twitter and bbm. The results? Inquiring minds want to know how did I get to where I did.

Therefore, this shall be a blog post about what I did yesterday with a friend and how you can find the same spots.


Fishing expeditions

As per usual, on these short of trips, I'm more the girl that's taking the photos and looking pretty in a corner... than the girl that's reeling the fishing line, cutting fresh bait and pulling hooks out of mouths. (Although I'm not opposed to it.)

So the first spot we went to was the cliffs behind SGU in True Blue. The cliffs are directly behind Caribbean House, past the lawn, yonder into the bushes.

What lies below...

Unfortunately, going down was way easier than going back up. I have scratches all over my thighs and shoulders from dragging myself back up to the top ledge. Never mind that he just hoisted himself up with the ease of a gymnist in seconds to my 5-10 minute struggle. *eye roll*

bottom ledge
The gorgeous view
A hooked snapper.

Yellow snapper

The view towards the side facing the airport.
 Then we attempted to go to the cliffs by True Blue beach... which is now fenced off.

Then... lastly, the beach behind the airport runway.

Continue on the road to La Source... and then pass La source and continue along the rough path/road until you reach the dead end... and park.

Find the path alongside the fence... it's a bit bushy now from all the rain but  it's still navigable.

Where paths part ways... bottom path? This one takes you to the first beach. Top path? Takes you to the one later on in the photos.

the beach... should you decide to go through the bushes.

View from the top path.

And then he was like... go look over the edge *big grin* Least to say, I was not amused.

The rocks... and the beach. On the other side of the fence? The Maurice Bishop International Airport runway.

This bottom ledge was wayyyy easier to get to than the one at SGU. Hmph!

And of course, my vanity shot... my only shot as my camera died and memory cards failed. *sigh*
'Twas great fun. In the end, "we" caught 3 small snapper - two yellow, one red. I say we because we all know how important moral support is. 

So 'til the next post my lovelies!
Shelli out,

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