Di rum... fall down... di ground...

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Since I'm out of my depressive funk... A few weeks back, Sher and I went scouring the streets for food (as we normally do on a Friday evening). We passed by this little restaurant that was selling fried jacks. Now, jacks is a small fish of which you can fry and eat everything. Fishermen normally pull them up daily. However, my mom isn't much of a jacks fan, so if I want it, usually I end up buying it myself.

The mere idea of me resorting to buying jacks sent Sher into peels of laughter. Why? She's lives relatively close to the fishing capital of the island sooo she not only gets jacks free but frequently. *dramatic wistful sigh* Some folks have no idea how lucky they are...

Nice and quaint huh?

Where the delicious jacks are being housed...

Me, very content with my jacks. The owner gave me an extra one free. ^.^

Sher amused at me... 
 And in case you're curious as to where this place is... It's opposite the bus terminal in town. And here's my moment of honesty... You can see it looks a bit sketchy from the outside. However, if you're craving jacks, I recommend them. But if you're not fond of smoking or smokers, there is a good possibility of someone smoking inside as they don't seem opposed to it from my last visit.


And then I went out with another friend, Samuel, that's apparently more tourist than I am (as locals that is) Friday gone. My latest love craze is the Jamaican Patty place opposite the terminal. So that was the first place I took him to. What I love most about them is the specials they have right now. For example, you can get 2 patties of your choice plus a bottled drink for $11.50. My friend got the popcorn shrimp special for a price thereabouts. So to me? The price is right. They also do soups, porridge, fries, etc. Ok, I shall move on to the next topic before I head to town just to get another one. I promised myself after last night, I wasn't going to eat another one........until next week. It's always so good, and hot, and tasty... and maybe my next week shall start Friday.

Then we passed to Bar Lodi Mix on St. John's St. You can find it easily on evenings as the hallway is lit by black lights so the insides glow. The bar has reopened. It's normally busy on a Friday night and there is a pool table if you're into pool. It has a nice chill feel from when I passed on Saturday, with nice couches and high chairs around the bar.

And I got to snap a photo of the mural I did there, which was also my first mural ever.

And then... the bartender told us about some locally done, au natural soaps that are especially good for people with sensitive skin. It's done locally by a lady in Grand Anse who also does facials, and other skin care techniques. The designs on some of the soaps are so intricate that it makes me not want to use it and just put it on my table as a pretty centerpiece. Anyhow, the soaps I saw were done with raw cocoa fat and goat milk. She also does cocoa fat bars for your skin.

The bartender has some for sale at Bar Lodi Mix... so you can pass by if you're interested.

And that's it 'til my next adventure.

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