Queen Show '12

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I'm feeling way too lazy to do the watermarks for any new posts coming up. What was turning out to be a not as uneventful Carnival, did a 180 into something memorable.

Last Thursday, I volunteered in the Grenada Carnival 2012 Queen Show along with a few classmates from school. We were all assigned various backstage duties. My duty was to be the gofer for the singers and MCs. It was very fun and the artistes were very pleasant to work with.

Unfortunately, as I was backstage I didn't get to enjoy the front view... but being backstage was pretty awesome.


The setting up...

Hayley's summer nails!

...and her bow-hair. I wanna try this style...!

Organizing the folders for various people in charge.

The celebs....!
Singing Sandra & Denyse Plummer

Singing Sandra & myself
 I remember as a kid bellowing her song "Die with my dignity" along with the radio on an early morning. It's about being a woman and trying not to compromise your integrity to attain a job to support your family - a nice positive message.

Alison Hinds & myself

 Remember the days of "Faluma" with Square One from Barbados... up to "Brace & wine" last year as one of her many solos? So much of my childhood in one night.

And let's not forget... "Woman is boss" by  Denyse Plummer... and "Nah leaving," another childhood favourite.

Did I mention how nice all these ladies were?



Ariel & I also assumed the responsibility of distributing food and drinks backstage.

At the end, the lazy, idle vain moments promoted by tired feet and available mirrors in the dressing rooms/tents.

C'est tout.

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