2011 in retrospect : I guess it's how you frame it in a context.

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These are just a few of my 2011 memories.
( If you don't see a photo of you, it's because I ran out of space,
or just don't have a photo of us/you. )

So... this year much happened, much didn't happen. * I started gymming with Shads - started all hot and sweaty, rewarded ourselves with KFC and called it a day. * Candice and I convinced ourselves there was some booty growth - regardless how minimal. * Reaquainted with lots of old dear friends, in that 'soul food' way. * Met some awesome new ones, beautiful souls. Discovered some toxic spirits as well. * Made it to too many parties, including Sandblast and regrettably, Unity Ball. * Got myself involved in way too much drama and other unmentionables. * Saw Becky, Nata's lil sister, literally grow from a little girl to a teenager in like a flash of a minute - how do they grow so fast? Hell, I saw Nata and Shad's grow up pretty fast this year too. * I saw people enter my life. I saw people leave my life. * Did way too much crazy stuff with Sherry, partner in crime. * I cut my hair. * Attended lots of girly tea parties. * Got the wheels turning with my paintings. * Finally, got back on stage and started performing poetry again. * Networked like crazy, met some amazing contacts. * Snorkeled in the Carenage. * Took part in filming of a clip. Started another Eve of Eve (New Years). * Explored the forest like I live there... * I switched degrees (to a double), then I switched back. * Found some sort of momentum with my blog posts - I know, I know, not good enough... but I'm getting there. *


Funnily enough, the general consensus I've been gathering is that 2011 has been a year from hell for many and has inspired some great changes. Perhaps, that's the real 'ending' that shall happen in 2012. The death of some things from one's life after the suffering of extremities of 2011. A year of Enlightenment per se. Regardless of all that's being said, as cliched as my next words are, next year really and truly does feel like it's going to be a good year. A "mine-for-the-taking" year. I encourage everyone who stumbles across this post to make it your year too - really.

As Jamal said on his FB 2011 closing note, "2011 has not been one of my best years...way too many people left me with just memories and holes in the heart this year..." 

But with that said, regardless of how disappointing a year it's been, there were many good things that happened. I've had some very happy times this year as well, many good surprises. 

I've had health, good friends, family, and surprisingly good fortune with business. I had many tests, all of which made me stronger. Surprisingly good grades. Also, many experiences, especially those under my field of study, that were truly priceless and rewarding.

I guess it's all how you frame it in a context, as with the 'glass half-full/half-empty' analogy.

"...but I can't delay anymore...the time for mourning has passed, whether we feel we can adjust to it or not...and 2012 really isn't a year to feel sorry for oneself but rather to get it. And all the other things and such and what-not. 
Basically what I'm trying to say with all my disjointed attempts is this: While 2011 more or less sucked for me, it had its bright moments. Remember that hope is the proverbial fuel of our starship to the future and while it does good to remember the past, it does not bode well to dwell on it and allow it to cast a shadow on the present, thus affecting your future. This was the harshest lesson I had to learn this year and one I had to learn very quickly to keep what I wanted... 
The Hope that tomorrow will be better, the Wisdom to remember that having hope alone may not be enough and hard work WILL have to be put in towards that better tomorrow and also the Knowledge that you won't always be alone.Raise a glass to the future, because if I'm not mistaken, it belongs to you and I. Cheers."

Cheers to the good memories and good friends that made 2011 tolerable, and in odd ways, memorable.


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