It was supposed to be so easy...

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...I had to do a fast hill climb, but a faster decline
But I flew a bit quick, arms like a lunatic
Had to stop for a few ticks, I started feeling sick..
-'It was supposed to be so easy' The Streets

Long photo post ahead...

So due to lack of time and laziness, what should today be one post, shall be two posts combined - the trip prior and today's.

I don't think I could ever say it enough... As much as I sometimes momentarily display apprehension and reluctance to go on these trips, they have all been truly epic experiences filled with epic memories that you can tell epic stories from. I've been blessed with the repeated opportunity to see Grand Etang through real eyes rather than the touristy eyes.

I get to walk through, breathe clean air and smell the forest. I don't know all the different types of plants/trees there to identify them (as yet) but there's the woody scents with a tinge of mint and the floral scents of the wild heliconias and so forth.

I'm too tired to watermark all the photos so... if you borrow a shot, please credit.


The first batch of photos were from scoping the lands in CloziƩr and Morne Lounge.

Both trails were along the agricultural belts.

Some of the team - myself, Daneille, Ezra & Jody

Morne Lounge

Ez and Daneille


Myself (don't ask, I don't know what happened with my expression either) & Kester (Forest Ranger/Monkey expert)

We're going in...  Clozier

Jody, looking for the spot to start with the GPS

Daneille and Myself



Jody & Mr. Jeremiah

Riding at the back of the pick up!

Some older shots I was supposed to post as well from 1910 ft trail...

Drinking water from a stream deep in the forest...

Drinking from the stream

LIME, signal clear even deep in the jungle...

Muddy boots!



The irony about today's trip is that we ended up at the Seven Sisters Falls at the end of the journey... and just last night I was telling some of my mum's friends that I had never been there before. Her friends aren't Grenadian, just got here the other day, and have been there already.

I'm not quite sure how to describe this trip. Normally, Ez would be exhausted pretty early in the game if there's many mountains to climb but she didn't. I can't quite say I felt particularly "I give up" tired at any one point. However, it did seem, to me, longer than our usual trips. But that is probably because we didn't have a defined, pre-planned route to take.

Anyways, it was a fun adventure, as per usual.

OH! And after allllllll the trekking, we saw monkeys when we came out of the forest.

Dr. P, Linda and Mr. Nimrod. All the happy faces as we just begin...

Dr. Pilcher, Linda, Jody & Ez

What was that?! Did you hear it too?

Mr. Nimrod on his way down


Mr. Nimrod climbing down the side

One of the (unintentional) fruits of our labour... stumbling upon the beautiful Seven Sisters Falls.
These are the first two of the seven.

Ezra, Jody, Kester (our Forestry rep/Monkey expert), Mr. Nimrod


Check back soon, tentatively, there might be more pics from today's trip.


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