I can't remember when the earth turned slowly...

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"I'll find my words when there's no one talking...
I've found the words if I could just stop thinking...
Be patient, I am getting to the point."
-Jack's Mannequin 'Spinning'

I know, I know it has been a while. I've received enough "You haven't updated in ages!" messages to finally prompt an update.

Thus, let me start with my valid excuse. I've been super busy. This has got to be my most ambitious, stressful, unprecedentedly busy semester ever. I would say I'm doing way too much, but if something is truly too much to handle, you wouldn't be surviving it to tell the tale right? Semester's fortunately almost over. It goes without saying that I don't think I shall be aspiring to do a repeat anytime soon. I'll just go catch my breath in a corner when it's all over and hopefully be able to say at the end of it all, I succeeded.

Aside from my hectic school life... On the plus side...

LONG PHOTO POST AHEAD...with potential stomach turners... consider yourself warned

I took part in another market day, this time it was at Spice Island Beach Resort.
(And yes, I once more have a fair stock of amazing prints ready for sale, compliments Caesar, and already framed.)

And I finally got my art blog/webby up and running ... Shelli's Art Work

Then Sher and I were on DayBreak Grenada performing poetry sometime last month for 'International Women's Day.'

I grumble a bit about it because I don't think I was prepared enough... But there's always another time. The impromptu experience was fun nuntheless and has taught me I need to start writing on a greater variety of topics if nothing else.

Tuesday surprised popped in for a week! Before that surprise visit, I haven't seen this missy since, 2009?

I got to practice doing a cascade braid in her hair. Muahahaha a willing victim!

And.... Maurissa flew in too! Ok, so I moved from rarely seeing her annually to her popping in a few times in a couple months. Good times nuntheless... This is how the games night (with lots of munchies) got launched and we started to run the dominoes, truptral, pitt, etc. simultaneously. Next thing you know, it's a competitive something running with actual teams as everyone joined in to play, you'd be inclined to say we're gambling watching the events take place.

Her, myself and my mum at her mum's birthday dinner.


Then, for my Ornithology course, one of our labs involved learning how to skin and mount birds for specimens. This one below is a Black-Bellied Whistling duck. Apparently it got blown off-route and landed in Grenada as they're supposed to be non-migratory.

Battered and bruised initial road kill.

As good as new.

Montana roadkill... also known as the Great Horned Owl. That hole which his index finger is at is the ear. The ear is covered by feathers so you have to kinda poke and prod inappropriately to find it.

 Interesting random fact, owl ears are high and low. Meaning on one side of the side it's higher, and on the other side it's lower. How the sound bounces back and is received by the owl, helps it to determine exactly where the prey, or disturbance is coming from.

Great Horned Owl

The feathers were really soft. It felt like petting a puppy. Soft enough to make me do the whole girly "awww" and momentarily ponder having one as a pet just so I can pet it whenever I want.


Then... there was the dissection of a chicken with our VP(Visiting Professor) Dr. Kirkley. (He also did the mounting of the birds above, and brought the Great Horned Owl for us to see). Didya know that birds breathe differently to humans? They have air sacs that contain the air, first inhale, then push it to the lungs, first exhale, then next inhale, exhale. Therefore, if the bird was a smoker, the puff of smoke wouldn't actually come out until the second exhale. Also, when they exhale, all the air is expelled. Whereas, we humans exhale a little and inhale fresh air to freshen up the stale air that remains in the lungs... *ahem* Smokers?



Chicken's eyeball

Krisma...and her odd fascination with the chicken head. *perks eyebrow*


Learning to wire the bones to build the mount.

Krisma and the eyeball *perks eyebrow*

Myself and Wayne

 Chemistry Labs!!


So there! You're officially up to speed with (mostly) everything important between January and now. It's like I never left, no?

kiss kiss.

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