A ship is safe in harbour - but that is not what ships are built for.

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Uber long photo filled post ahead

When all else fails... there's always Russo.

Mj Michael says (5:00 PM):
*stop and breathe and put your life into perspective 
*first u 
*what u want
*how u plan to get it
*and realize that you are where u are because u are on a journey to that place
Mj Michael says (5:01 PM):
*next who do u want with u on that road
*anything extra if it falls off then so be it
*some things woulda weighed u down anyways
Mj Michael says (5:03 PM):
*work with the end in mind

Funnily enough, this was exactly what I had in mind to do.

I haven't posted a follow up since my last post about vaguely being overwhelmed. The semester is quickly coming to a close which also means that pre-registration is going to pop up very soon. Now I'm faced with another question - where do I want to go?

Once upon a time I wanted to do Biology, be a professor and do something within the realms of public health. Then I moved back and started into my Liberal Arts degree, where now I'm back into that artsy free thinking mood. This semester I did a survey of wildlife Bio course that has piqued my interest in Biology once more. Specifically within the conservation and environment awareness.

Would it take me longer to finish? I don't know. SGU seems dedicated to keeping me here forever anyways. Should I switch degrees one final time, I should finish about the same time. Career options...? 

In general, the world is moving in an environmentally conscious direction. The reality is that at the end of days we wouldn't truly succeed in doing away with nature, there's a greater chance of nature doing away with us humans and rebuilding a world without us. Therefore it's important that we see the value of our flora and fauna now and learn to co-exist. Each species has the right to survive... removal of one ultimately affects the hierarchy of things in some way leading to the over/underpopulation of varying other dependent species. Even the mosquitoes, dare I say it, have their part to play in the biosphere. They provide food for some other specie which in turn provides food for some other specie and so forth and so forth.

But... are we that environmentally conscious here? I don't think many people are too fussy about whether the Grenada dove ceases to exist or not... Nor truly see the value of the leatherbacks and other turtles on the brink of extinction, to our oceans...

On the flip side, there's my reliable liberal arts degree mostly likely aimed at something in education or law/politics related. Either way I see myself somewhere in the public service... but I can't decide on what exactly. I hate making tough decisions. I have probably until the end of this month to decide my course of action.

What else is overwhelming me? Semester's coming to a close... final projects are now. I'm not particularly behind in any project but just knowing that the due dates are looming around the corner is enough to make me feel all weird. 

And I want a job.

But oh well... I already decided to try and take a break for myself and think about where I want to go and what I want to do with my life. I have a couple business ideas I want to finally get around to pitching and a few personal projects to work on over the holidays.

All in all, I have to come up with a new set of long term goals for next year and come up with a reasonable 'possible problems/doable solutions' plan and start doing something.

It's easy to be afraid of the risk of taking a chance... what if it doesn't work out? What if I don't come up with the funds to pull it off? What if I have a hard time helping people see my vision? 

But it's like Les Brown said... everyone tries to think about their funeral and who will attend, what kind of music would be played, etc. But imagine if on your deathbed all your dreams surround you, chastising you for never making them a reality, never taking a chance... That they came to you, in your mind, because they believed you were the one with the skills to bring them forth... and here they are a bunch of great ideas dying with you all the same because you were too busy being scared to take a chance... take a risk...


The rest of this post is going to be overdosed with photos so consider this your fair warning.

Yesterday was our class field trip to Grand Etang. We arrived around 9 I believe and continued our trek into the wilderness. The lake is gorgeous. They took some time to clean it up. We saw the Great Egret, some guppies, the Lesser Antillean Crested Hummingbird and...................monkeys! Pics below ^.^*

 Visitor Center

My Mona Monkey vid.... they eat mints apparently.

C'est tout.

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