Safe trip home

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All at once there was magic here for me, under the wide Northern Skies.

I have returned. I’m sick in a way I haven’t been sick for a long time. I had this horrid sore throat coupled with fever and body aches Friday. I fought it off Saturday, or so I managed to convince myself.  Here I am, Monday, the commencement of Nanowrimo, sniffling, with a still aching throat, a potential cough and a headache threatening on the peripherals of my woes.

The good news – I’m 264 words into my 50,000 word count. Hopefully, this year I shall make it.
Chucking up the deuces.

P.S. Nanowrimo is National Novelists Writers Month... whereby globally for a month writers try to write 50,000 words in one month. Click the hyperlink above for more info :P

OH! Random funny story...

So there was a frog on top of my mom's guinea pig's igloo a few weeks back. My bf came over, he was playing with the guinea pig as usual and noticed the frog. (He brought it to my attention) So.... he informed me of the frog. I told him the obvious thing, take it out then.

He then launched into this long speech about how frogs can be poisonous and stuff and refused to touch it. It was sooo hilarious to me. Over the weekend I brought back up the story and he claimed he could've taken it out but he chose not to. (Yea right) Anyone could claim they could do something way after the fact... And such claims must be deemed irrelevant.

Mind you, at the beginning of this semester I wouldn't have touched a frog for anything either. It would've been the both of us praying for Fonzy's wellbeing and hopeful that he and the frog become peaceful friends. However, I'm doing this Bio survey of local wildlife course... and it's amazing what a little knowledge could do to reduce irrational fear. I now run behind those ridiculously fast mini komodo dragon looking lizards in my yard to get a closer peek. Those are Garman's ground lizards. *smug expression* Comparison pics below...

Garman's Ground Lizard aka ameiva ameiva

Big Komodo

Moving along...

Honestly, I'm sure he could've taken it out. Maybe. But at the time it was hilarious that this big man was scared to touch an itty bitty 2 inch frog. I didn't touch it either - but that was more because I didn't want it to jump on me and I don't like how cold and wet they feel. I did peek in closer though to see what kind of frog it is, if it's the little adorable piping frog.

Anyways, I think I'm going to make my book very local. We'll see how it goes.

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