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*Long Photo Post*

Bio field trip to the mangroves...

Nearly missed the field trip altogether. I went to bed early, set my alarm for 5.30am --- barely woke up at 5.50... Dragged myself out of bed and tried to put down some breakfast, which mind you, was a fail. I can't keep food down early in the morning (before 8-9) unless I'm actually hungry. I was supposed to be on campus for 6.45 am - I made it to Maurice Bishop highway after 7... >.< Don't say it. I've been punctual for my other field trips. Don't let my notorious record fool you into thinking this was my usual lateness...

Anyways I made it! Photo session ahead....

Mangrove Habitat - Woburn

Common Moorhen

Little Blue Heron
Adult & Juvenile (white)

Umm... Get back to you on this one

Then we went by the Rex Grenadian Hotel...
By their ponds...


Magnificent Frigate Bird

Litte Blue heron


Green Heron

Tri-Colored Heron

Zenaida Dove

Yellow-Crowned Night Heron

Juvenile Stage of Yellow Crowned Night Heron

...the pond
 ...bird enthusiasts

Yea... I didn't know we had all these birds in Grenada before either. There's a few I didn't get on camera like the Ruddy Turnstone (too far), Great Blue Heron (too fast), Eared Doves (too dark...well the shots I got), the snipe (too quick)...

Enjoy. To get any photo bigger just click on it. 

Shelli out.

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