There's a story at the bottom of this bottle and open pen.

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(Originally posted 9/14/09)

'Cuz my heart is breaking

And you are still faking
A feeling that you will
never know.
-"B. Quiet" Meriwether




Shakespeare was not joking when he said "the world is too much with us." How quickly we forget forward resolutions to wallow in present experiences which hinder. Fortunately, things have a way of happening to remind us gently... should we be open to reminders... like Sher's comment on one of my resolve posts below, reaffirming what I had temporarily, and yet not fully cognizant, taken a break from applying.

So the move has been most interesting. I'm back in Grenada now. Once more switched majors and trying to follow that "Just making it happen" cliche. My courses this semester are my "help Shelli adjust" selections which means there's lots of free time left over... which I should be studying in...

Yet I find myself in retrospective moments between classes, especially on the walk to the library... And.... Things change. I never really took the time to truly sit down and think about how things have changed over the past couple years, how I've changed... How my dreams have changed... and friends... and ideals.

I read somewhere that change is the prelude to growth and without growth there is no life so therefore... it must mean I'm growing right? I just need to take some time and start to recognize myself again.

Shelli out...
I lost my zeal to finish this...

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