One day all them bags gon' get in your way...

By 8:11 PM

So pack light...


Demon days,
Moons crimson eyes, stare eternal
Old log, drifts down a silent stream
A lightening bug lighting the way
Glistens off clich├ęd tears
Rolling down the cheeks of a lone soul
Sitting drenched in the moonlight
Like a waiting omen
Slow tilt of the head...revealing dark eyes
A slow question murmured like a whisper under his breath,
"how are you? ...I've been waiting"
Dark eyes, broken windows of a barren house,
naked, haggard and weary...
Held captive, I'm a prisoner
In this dark room where the water 
drips and its oh so cold

Withered petals falls to the floor
another day has dawned
And like the petals it shall turn to dust
but a faded memory
as the wind blows it away
til its no more

A bud...
peeks from the tip of a branch

Waiting to be snipped off
by ignorant fingers

the cycle continues... eternal

death be to hope

death cannot claim that which has never lived
But the budding plant can be claimed
A stillborn fetus has no soul

Life is but a series of cages,
the womb, the crib,
the classroom, the cubicle,
the coffin.
Each cage a rhetoric question we question
Stage shifts we inexplicably change
without understanding...caring..attaching oneself to the last cage
like a snail shell, in queue to be shedded
But we are defined by the cage.

-(by Eamon and me...) idle bbm convo


I've decided that I'm going to start writing again. Yay me.
Shelli out.
*throws up a random gang sign*

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