Did I tell you, he ..... me like Brooklyn?!

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[Disclaimer: the following poem quote is just something I stumbled on that was most amusing to me and is in no way related to my relationship nor any experiences on my part]

He was just a fling, 
But my how he flung me.
...And I know how he said he was moving to Peru
But my oh my, how he ****ed me like Brooklyn
...But I just wanted someone to call me their girl
..."I can't go out because I'm with my girl"
...At my flings house he carved Peruvian chicken
It tastes like you're really going
...I assure you, I tell you
There's no p*ssy like mine in Peru!!


Easter came... Easter went. It was most... hmmm... interesting shall I say? It has actually taken me a couple days to get my mind around some stuff to decide exactly how I want to blog about it. I still haven't decided... However, I figure if I don't start, the post will never get written and I might end up inadvertently taking an indefinite break from blogging.... so here goes. Material may be offensive and very inaccurate but it's entirely opinion so feel free to correct me, put in your two cents, or whatever.

Firstly so it wasn't the complete disaster I expected. Perhaps there's some merit in what my darling friend Ray tried to convince about doing stuff for the better and expecting it not to work out so as to circumvent disappointment and maximize that warm fuzzy feeling inside when it works out. [That argument shall be discussed later or in a/the consequent post since it peeved me as well] I spent Friday with my favourite person, watched movies and all that fun stuff. Also, I had braced myself with the possibility of not seeing said person at all because I know how busy my schedule (should've) been considering the not even to my neck but to my nose amount of work I have to finish before the month ends. Yes, I am intimidated by it. Yes, I should've heeded all of my professors advice when they said "start working on it from now..." But, you know how hard ears pickney does stay... Back on topic, so I got to spend like 2, almost 3, days with them of the 4 day weekend. *big grin* So Easter wasn't that bad. I also covered some schoolwork, not as much as I anticipated, but some nuntheless.

For the most part I was home. My good friend Carly wanted to do something on Easter Monday, so I joined her and a couple other friends to go to a cook in La Tante Bay and then go to Bathway.

There begins my rant...

The last time I went to Bathway was too far back for me to remember, much less me remembering what Bathway at Easter was like.

(gosh... I lost my vibe to finish this post again but I shall still try...)

Ok so we went up. It was packed with people...and dark because it was night. There was lots of music, lots of smoke and such from people doing barbeque and roasting corn, etc. There were one or two vehicles trying to crawl through the crowd....And we weaved our way through to where I believe was the last DJ and stayed there. The bar had these rave-like green and red laser lights that were flashing all over.

Where does my peeves begin? Why was I peeved that evening?

So myself, Sheba, Carly and her other friend are standing there, drink in hand, listening to the music, observing what's going on...

What was going on? I saw literally a handful of females. This is not to say there were not many women on the beach, because I honestly don't know. However where we were there were far more men than women. There was an area right in front where there were a bunch of guys dancing ranging from as young as probably 8-10 yrs go up. It was "gangsta" dancehall music, so they were doing the whole crotch grab while looking down at the ground and pointing two "gunshot" fingers in the air.

Naturally, well, naturally to me and Sheba, a fight was inevitable. The guys are drunk, the music is violent, it's like the perfect setting. Furthermore, it was almost as if as females it was best that we didn't even show up because we weren't even really being acknowledged - not that we wanted to be harassed by men, but it's practically customary at parties/fetes. It was as if all they could see were each others as guys, to drink and be merry and do the gunshot dance... blah blah blah... I've lost interest in this post. In a nutshell they were playing gangsta music. Big fight break out. Man get chop. Who get stab stab, who get chop chop... And I don't know if anyone actually died. But it was ridiculous. And I'm almost certain it's over something petty or just some ignorant stuff.... 'cuz that's what it typically is.

It reminds me of my Poli Sci prof's statements...... How could we claim to be so independent and forward moving as a nation... developing and striving towards greater things... supposedly moved past the days of slavery which we celebrate on Emancipation day in August... yet we can't even communicate and sort out petty grievances without someone feeling "disrespected" and feeling the need "to chop" the other party to bring about a (false) resolution? Seriously. We can't even communicate with each other on the basest level. That's where we're at as a nation. Good job.

But whatever... I had a good weekend...cuz of my honey bunny, and girlfriends.

Shelli out

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  1. from what i heard to following week at my media class, someone did die, got their neck slit open.

  2. check out my blog at http://444richandfamous.blogspot.com/

  3. LOL! I'm gonna say what i told u.... You can't even remember why you were peeved.... nice post though totally understandable

  4. Anonymous1:34 PM

    lol... do d gunshot dance.. lol... i fine d session was mad still until d chop.. killed my vibez.. nice post...


  5. Huron1:36 PM

    yup, i totally agree with u n the worlds of the professor. N if we wanna move forward in this life we gotta get over our petty grievances n attitudes.

    thumbs up shells good post.

  6. Carim1:39 PM

    Damnn!! that waz a real weekend we hmmm, n thing is, some ppl just take music to another level especially with the use of alcohol.

  7. Similar thing happened at a party I went to on the 10th. Thankfully no one died, but a guy had his face punched up by some other guy just because a drink spilled on him.
    I've never understood getting angry at simple accidents or minor 'disses'. Even if it upsets you, then you demand an apology and if you don't receive one, then walk away. Killing someone over disrespect is stupid.

    Hanging around with groups of boys acting aimless is stupid and cowardly. I have yet to see one good reason for being in a gang.