feeble efforts to be polished

By 2:35 PM

Keep out
under my view
Carefree like free spirits.


You are,
my favourite complexity
which is addicting like an enigma
that i can't just let go of.
Humbling at the same time...
Like stepping off an edge
into the realm of uncertainty
And feeling the pull of curiosity and promise
I step forward with a touch of fear.
A touch of fear because
In the darkness lies potential bones
of the corpses of past mistakes
waiting to be tripped over
debilitating, mocked naivety.

Yet instincts and trust
pave an uncanny path
which i cannot see
but i can feel
the allure,
the promise
of a security
and kindling a hope of something more.
As i pause momentarily
the feeling engulfs
and i start to remember
what it was like to want;
And that is scary too...

Somehow the darkness perceived
Is a misgiving perception
Of vision through tarnished lens.
with fumbling in darkness
vision becomes unnecessary luxury.
Why see what I can feel?
Why doubt what my spirit trusts?
Implicitly, perhaps not
For the bones still linger in the backgrounds of my mind...
But I feel the warmth of light
Welcoming and soothing to my soul
like a kindred spirit approaching.
Perhaps delusional thoughts,
Perhaps delusional feelings,
But right now,
It feels right.
Took long enough to trust my instincts,
And if I'm wrong,
I'll just call it a lesson learned.

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