If I hadn't made me, I would've been made somehow... If I hadn't assembled myself, I would've fallen apart by now.

By 3:24 PM

This guy just cracks me up
Ron says (7:52 PM):
*is your cell phone off?
Shelli... says (7:53 PM):
*no s
*my minutes are done
*all i have are nite minutes
Ron says (7:54 PM):
*you have a predpaid phone?
Shelli... says (7:54 PM):
Ron says (7:54 PM):
*i called and some guy in a stern message said "the subscriber you are trying to reach is not taking calls at this time. click"
Ron says (7:55 PM):
*like hes mad at you
*or me


Doing what needs to be done because it wouldn't get done otherwise. I am too lazy for my own good, and I know I was lazy before but ..... this is a gradual progression into a life never intended.

So... I'm back to writing lists and scheduling my time in. By the end of today, my paper will be half way complete or at the very least, commenced. I shall attempt economics homework... And... I will paint.

Proper update later.
Spring is here.
It's cool outside.

If I hadn't made me... I'd have fallen apart by now
I won't let them make me... It's more than I can allow
So when I make me... I won't be papier mache
And if I f*** me...
I'll f*** me in my own way.
-'Make yourself' Incubus

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