The sweetest taste of sin....

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It's not the way you walk,
It's not the way you talk,
It's not your beat up car
-you definitely ain't no supastar,
It's not the clothes you wear,
It's not your nappy hair,
It's not your gangsta flex,
Baby... it's all about the
-Tanya Stephens "Boom wuk"


The Hidden City Cafe

I discovered this cute little basement cafe recently. It has such lovely ambiance. I believe its like 24th St. & between Park & Lexington Ave... or somewhere there about... If you stand in front of the Vertical Campus of Baruch on Baruch Way you see it across the road.

It's a halfway basement cafe. I say halfway because even though its in the basement, I mysteriously still get cellphone signal.

Anyways, it's cozy and cute. So far, I've experimented mostly with their reasonably priced soups. Thus far, I've had Lobster Bisque, New England Clam Chowder, Manhattan Clam Chowder, Chicken Noodle, Chicken and Vegetables. I absolutely love their New England Clam Chowder... so as long as I could get that on the menu I don't look at much else. Oh, I sampled their Cream of Carrot - that's quite sumptuous too. I bought a poppy seed bagel with cream cheese, ham and a slice of American cheese and it was delicious.

With regards to the ambiance, you have the option between sitting at a table with the normal chairs, or claiming a booth. The lighting is warm and welcoming...nice lamps at the side. The employees are very friendly, service with a genuine, sincere-looking smile. If their cups said "We're happy to serve you" like the busy-body guy's (that I think robbed me two dollars with my coffee and bagel) coffee cup says, I would believe.

I usually claim a booth up to the front. There aren't that many customers there so one whole booth to myself is hardly an inconvenience... and there's two rooms of chairs and booths. I like to be on the right side. The photo I have above was taken with my phone camera from one of the booths. There's these partitions with a swan engraved on the glass. The lights are surround by canvas cylinders. It's so pretty... Perfect for relaxing, studying, reading a book/newspaper, a lil' get together for a chat, or just to have a pensive moment to yourself.

I adore it. Absolutely. I implore you visit someday.

Here are some more reviews...


Tmrw is school. Bleh... I find these Jewish holidays are a real set up. Fall smack in the middle of the week, every week... I mean, I like the days off and all... BUT I'm in college now. I wanna learn the most I could in my one semester as opposed to half due to time/lesson limitations...

Corny isn't it?

That's what happen when you get into your classes.. *mumble grumble* vacation time gets in the way of your intellectual growth.


Oooo.. I just got signed up for socialspark and payperpost... we'll see how that goes. I love bloggginnnnnggggg... let's see if my passion for it balances off and my blogger voice gets recognized... (lol)


Shelli out.
Happy voice.

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