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Ey, Facebook is a kinda ting eh? A jus dey browsing good good an nex ting ah jus dey stumbling upon d births of d juiciest scandals... wha kinda ting is dat? I fine ppl need to b real careful wha dey postin dey eh... especially if you dun fren dem ppl yuh doh wha see.


Life Lesson #4: The universe does not exist in complete chaos... or any kind of chaos for that matter. Because you don't understand something doesn't mean it fails to work due to your lack of understanding.

Life has a funny way of working itself out. I believe the complexities and trials are just there to make it a retrospective exciting memory, some of which take longer to appreciate and find the humour than others, but excitement nuntheless.

It's a cold day in NYC, but then again, what would be a day in Fall if nothing but cold? This is a check that you are living, and the systems of how things are supposed to be and ought to be are working. The bit of discomfort of the cold I'm experiencing is just to reassure my existence and the normalcy that... yea...

When I first came up here, it was interesting. I mean that in all ways, negative, postive, neutral, whatever... Readjusting to being back at school. Having people constantly trying to create little earthquakes and fractures in my path. Learning to manage funds tighter because of the allure of the city makes it necessary.

I lost confidence in my academic ability. I'm doing 4 subjects - Ancient Greek Philosophy, Biology, American Governments and Introduction to Business. I have done a bit of work in all these areas prior to starting Baruch. However, having not been in school for 2 years kind of makes my return a bit daunting.

After much (constant) complaining, I've got the results back from my first set of exams. Not that this is particular unusual for me, but I've seen my errors and how simple they were and I've accepted my grades. I realize most of my errors in the multiple choice was due to glossing over some major points as opposed to taking it seriously. It has naught to do with detailed studying, but more to do with focused studying. You could know a little and do as well at m.c. exams as opposed to being able to b.s. your way through essays. It's about being thorough in the little that you do know, so as to be able to rationalize your points.

I entered those exams with a defeatist attitude. In my Political Science (Amer. Gov't) exam, the questions that were supposedly difficult acording to the professor, when I went through my paper as we were discussing answers - I got them right. I got really obvious answers wrong. If I think back to the day of the exam, I had very low expectations. I practically gave up and made a personal promise to myself to take the next exam more seriously. I got full marks on my essay in the exam. I was so pleased... and surprised. I would've gotten an A+ with the essay alone. I ended up with a C for landing smack on the 50/50 line in the M.C. (which was 75% of the grade). I ended up with 76 which is a C. But I'm not upset... I now how I could've done better.

I got a B+ in the homework assignment. I recognize my faults there. I know how to improve it.

I got an A on my Bio quiz. I'm so pleased... I got 76 (a B or C) last quiz. I studied hard, made a couple more simple mistakes, I ended up with 90. YAY me.

As your Business... my essays are fine, A+ in the last(and only, thus far) one...and 76 in the m.c. exam... Again, I'm working on the problem.

I say life is so funny because sometimes you need to be humbled and be in a bad position to appreciate and understand what a good position is.

One cannot say there is too much chaos in the world. Everyday I realize more and more that the universe has a plan that we're not privy to. Everything balances itself out, despite man's attempts to ruin and destroy in their efforts to make their existence more "pleasing". But there is a method to every bit of madness. It's not pure chaos. It's just chaos because we cannot understand it with hindsight.

I've been through a series of questioning periods... I realized that the universe provides all the answers with time and patience. Thus, it's not whether you find solutions... It's whether you're asking the right questions.

Mmmmm... I love life.


Beres Hammond - 'Step Aside' (live version)


Ohhh.. and this is a good friend of mine Thamz.... I love her version of the song.. clickety click below and check it out...

Thamara - 'Closer' (cover)

Shelli out...
.....come closer....

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