Are you... lonely tonight?

By 7:54 PM

Natasha Bedingfield said it perfectly in 'Soulmate', if everyone has a soul mate and there's one for every one, why is she still on her own? Why indeed?

I hardly think she's unique in her dilemma. The reality is whilst there are so many couples out there, lining the benches, walking the streets hand in hand, sitting on the lawns with their picnic baskets looking annoying adorable, there are so many more singles out there.

One of the main reasons we tend to notice how many couples are there and the level of their cuteness is from the mere fact that we're not a part of such a union... at the moment.

Of course, with the rise of technology there are so many different avenues to cut through all the protocol and the hunt and find exactly what you're looking for, especially with the increasinly hectic lifestyles. Think the 'Do you like pina coladas?' song. In the song, the guy replies to a column in a newspaper where the female listed what she likes and what she's looking for. No longer do you have to hunt through classifieds... The hunt has been made simple with and unlike many of the other popular online dating services like the service comes with no charge.

True not only helps with the search, but they recognize that even though they could bring you to the individual, sometimes the wrapping may imply a safety that doesn't exist. Mind you, this isn't true of just finding a date online, you don't always run a background check on every person you come across on your daily walks of life. With True, you are able to control who can see your profile. There are proactive processes that ensure safer, smarter dating. There are a host of articles guiding you and explaining various safety tips and suggestions with regards to dating and making one aware of the existing risks... and if one is too nervous, there's always the option of going on a virtual date. (Those can be just as adorable and twice as safe...)

Thus, I conclude, whats the worse that could happen in totality? You remain single all the days of your busy life... At the very least, it's impossible to not meet someone you atleast share some interest and click with... And for the very best, you could meet your true love.

...And that, isn't what we're all seeking after anyways?

...And it won't even cost you a could search for free.


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