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I had an interesting idea posed to me today by my aunt. I'm not sure why I won't let it go, or why it seems important to me or not.

It seems as if she has very fixed ideas on what is Christian and what isn't.

First of all, every person suits a purpose in the balance of society. Each job is important - I guess not the murderers and thieves (but that's a different story... I think they indicate where the role of society is not functioning properly).

The issue was whether or not models are immoral.

Back home, I was a model. At no point did model ever equate immoral, ungodly slut in my mind. I knew lots of models who were intelligent girls/guys on the straight and narrow with real goals and admirable accomplishments under their belts. And, if they desired to be a full-time model, I didn't see a problem with that either.

Now, this isn't going to be the most in depth, intellectual discussion... but here goes... read on if you may...

Models by dictionary definition is....

a standard or example for imitation or comparison.

2.a representation, generally in miniature, to show the construction or appearance of something. image in clay, wax, or the like, to be reproduced in more durable material.
4.a person or thing that serves as a subject for an artist, sculptor, writer, etc.
5.a person whose profession is posing for artists or photographers.
6.a person employed to wear clothing or pose with a product for purposes of display and advertising.

A model is a set example or standard for imitation or comparison purposes. The issue was related towards people models... so we're talking of models for clothes, commercials, magazines, all sorts of products, all shapes and such. All of these people are bad...?

Ok, I'm not arguing fairly. She was questioning female models who advertised clothing or wore very little in commercials. I agree to some extent some models may appear to have questionable characters due to the nature of the photo shot and who its for - but that is not for me to judge. However, I do not agree that clothes models, e.g, those who model for Victoria Secrets because they model lingerie makes them immoral. People like to see how things look on other people. Despite how much we wouldn't want to admit it, we are a monkey see monkey do nation.

George Carlin made a point in one of his stand-up shows that the Commandment "Though shalt not covet thy neighbours goods" (...? I'm not sure I quoted this properly.. feel free to correct me...) that that is hardly a valid commandment. (Remember this was in good humour people) He said that coveting is what gets the economy going, i.e, you see your neighbour's car - you like how it looks, drives, economics with gas, perfect - BAM - you want it too.

I agree. These models aren't modelling for the sakes of having people lust behind their bodies. The fashion industry desires to reflect fashion ideals, which have been going in cycles. Thus, "slutty clothing" was "cool" in society's "conservative" existence decades ago. Mini skirts, poom poom shorts/hot pants, crop tops, etc these aren't new concepts. My mom and aunts all wore mini skirts "back in their days" which was a long time ago. Does that make them a slut? No it doesn't. Not in the least. They wore heels too... *gasp* prostitutes wear heels... do you think...?

no... I really don't.

Back to my example, the purpose of Victoria Secret models modelling the season's line is not to have people lusting after their bodies - it is to show how the clothes look on real people. Not just a mannequin or on a clothes hanger.

Based on my little knowledge on the industry, I'm aware that there are even plus size models. Why would you get plus size models and not just buy/make a bigger mannequin...? Because people like to see other people wearing/doing things suited to their character/lifestyles/tastes. God doesn't necessarily enter at this level. This is mere business.

Furthermore, I enquired about Miss World competitions and such... she said that she wouldn't let her daughter do it because, again, it's not moral to reveal so much of your body.

Now, thousands of girls, if not millions, enter competitions from the local levels go right up - applying from the most conservative nations to the most liberal ones with full advertance of the nature of the show. Does it make them immoral to wear bikinis on live televison? Does it make me immoral to wear a bikini on the beach? No.

These competitions on face value stand for with very high standards. I remember the at the local level all the rules regarding whether you're allowed to enter the pagent - must be of a certain age group, never married, never had children, etc. When one wins, you're in a position to advocate some great change in the world. Whether or not you choose to make a moral contribution is dependent on the individual - you can't condemn the entire pagent for it.

I'm not sure if that makes any sense...

If one is dressing conservative, but by night isn't behaving very conservatively with multiples of multiples... then does that mean they are morally correct?

So that brings me back to what I was talking about last post... who's to judge? Sin is sin... and since we are all sinners, we should all be the poster children of advocating positive change and inspiring those around is to better as opposed to looking at something and knocking it as irrationally bad.

Also, you can't not support something and support it at the same time. You can't want to look at the models in the magazines and see whats in fashion, and argue that the girls are misrepresenting their characters. Likewise, the commercials and such.

Don't half-support it in the smarts...

And again, if you feel so strongly about an issue. Not because you are but one means change can't happen... It's only takes one extra to make an even number odd, one extra/less chromosome to bring about deformities, one act of kindness to bring forth and inspire multiple acts... just one.

I implore, be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Listen to those who question your beliefs, because they help to do two things - show you the flaws in your thinking, or strengthen your beliefs, or even more.

I've lost my train of thought again...

All in all I conclude, I doubt it's really modelling that is bad. As I read once when I wrote a post on GaiaOnline against the content on television, the media is merely a reflection of what society is - it isn't what cultivates it. It's not just modelling, it could be being a lawyer, a doctor, an artist, a teacher, a Christian.... it could be anything. There are always going to be a few bad ones amongst the set, but you shouldn't condemn it in its entirety because of the stereotype...

Because if we were to sit down and really check it... we all fall into some stereotype at one point or another.

Shelli out.

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  1. What I get from this is that models are like mannequins, and no matter what they wear, they are not necessarily immoral people. And that the most conservatively dressed people may be the most immoral. Which is true, how media ties into this, I find is that it represents and stereotypes people who dress a certain way or do certain things as a certain type of person, and in that way, media misrepresents many people. This is found especially in the Caribbean where the majority of media is American and bears little resemblance to our own society, and therefore our own people.
    Models are like anyone else, there are some lovely ones, and they can be quite horrid as well, but so can doctors, lawyers, writers, vets, smokers, non smokers, musicians, biologists, artists... and the list goes on. Your employment does not define who you are, though it is part f it, your actions in whatever you do define who you are.

  2. Bonizino10:58 PM

    i like ur point.... but in the end it comes down to the simple principle of, "this is what u should look like"

    models are in the advertising business, they are selling a product.

    in the bahai faith you should not be a model or actor unless its fulfilling the purpose of Gods work. being or service to humanity and that can be said for all religion